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1. Custom Contact Lists

Easily search, sort, filter by key data points like industry, company, title, role, region, and more to build custom contact lists

The elegant, easy-to-use UI on both Web and mobile devices makes it a breeze to find contacts the fit your sales, talent, and other lead-gen pipeline-building efforts.

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2. Premium, Dependable Contact Data

Tap into premium, dependable contact data: up to 7 contacts per record from both personal and work emails and cell phone numbers.

Our data means you can spend less time trying to find and get through to relevant contacts and more time actually reaching, connecting, and building relationships with your prospects.

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3. Easy Export

Only pay for the contacts you want, and use one-click export to be able to load them into the CRM and Lead Gen System Of your choice

Connect directly with the right decision makers, using the world’s largest and most accurate database of emails and phone numbers.

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  • 1 credit unlocks 1 full contact
  • Build Lists, Save Searches & Export Data
  • Get Emails, Phones, and LinkedIn URL
  • Current Employment
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does this data come from and how do I know its reliable?
ReachData collects publicly available data on companies and business people from multiple different sources. Once we have collected business information about a person or company, we combine multiple mentions of the same person or company into a public profile. We refresh our data regularly, ensuring high quality and up to date information.
What are the advantages of the higher level subscription?
High tier subscriptions provide you with the most value. Your cost per credit is reduced the higher the tier. Yearly subscriptions provide even more value.
How can I purchase extra credits?
If you run out of credits during your subscription period, you can either upgrade your subscription, or you can always purchase an ad-hoc credit package. There are multiple package options, and the price is determined by your subscription tier.
Do credits expire?
Credits do not expire as long as you have an active subscription. Unused credits during your subscription period will roll over into the next subscription period. If your subscription expires for any reason, you will need to re-activate your subscription in order to utilize your unused credits.
How do I remove my information?
If you wish to remove your public profile from ReachData’s database, visit our Opt-Out page. If you choose to opt-out, all information contained in your profile will be removed and your record will become unavailable in our products as soon as possible. By law, we must verify your identity as part of the removal request.

Who We Are

The Reach Data team is made up of industry-leading data and seach engine experts whose combined experience in the industry represents over 50 years in the people-finding space. We are commmitted to the highest standards of data security, integrity, dependability, quality, and privacy.

ReachData customer happy and confident in the product. ReachData customer happy and confident using

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